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Fire escape


Based in London, ENV Contractors Ltd carry our fire escape repairs. Contact us today.

Fire Escapes and their common issues

Lack of use generally contributes to common issues with fire exits. This is due to them being tested in emergencies, or weekly. There are fire exits which are constantly used whilst entering a building, causing them to have wear and tear. 

BS8300 and BS8214 states that for manual fire exit doors they should have examinations that take place twice a year, so it is very important to have these door sets in the best condition. Specific attention should be paid to paddle handles, hinges, panic bars, pivots and door closing mechanisms.

We have experienced engineers who have been trained on equipment by major manufacturers. Our engineers are also equipped with spare parts accounts so they can repair your fire exits with ease. All costs and the first hour on site are included in our fixed rate call out to minimise disruption and potential loss of business.

Service contract agreements are available to give you peace of mind, as they include preventative maintenance. We offer this at an affordable rate, lower than the cost of a major component failure, so that your business is operational and compliant.

Emergency exit by a stairwell in a modern building
fire exit

Our Repair Service Includes

  • Common spare parts carried on vans

  • Minor repairs included

  • Adjust speeds of floor spring / transom closer / overhead closer if required

  • Check operation for safe escape

  • Separate quotation for defects or recommendations

  • Prioritise quotations on multiple door sites

Multi-level fire escape


Contact us for fire escape repairs in London today. ENV Contractors Ltd carries out work for clients across the south east.

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