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Based in London, ENV Contractors Ltd is the team your fire escape maintenance needs. For more information contact our team today.

Importance of having your fire escape or emergency exit serviced

Emergency exits in a building are important for emergencies such as a fire. Faster evacuation is achieved, due to the use of regular and special exits. This also acts as an alternative if the regular exit route is blocked by fire, etc.

Fire escapes are required to be serviced and inspected every 6 months. This is important to adhere to BS9999.

Your building insurance, lease agreement or fire risk assessment may also require that your fire exits are maintained. 


We carry out adjustments and minor repairs, for each service. This could be to work on adjusting the closing speed, which takes place if a transom door closer, overhead or concealed type is in place.

Testing and checking the operation is important. This is because there are maximum forces to open doors like this; engineers typically have gauges on their vans because of this.

In our Risk Assessment Checklist, we document our findings for each door, so you can refer to this and have a record with evidence which may be part of a fire risk assessment.

If there are repairs or defects that cannot be rectified at the service, this will be put into a separate quotation for each door so you can spread the cost with a plan in place for repairs needed.  

modern fire escape and staircase
Low Angle View Of Cars In Parking Garage

Our Team Works Around You

  • Planned in advance at your most convenient time

  • Specific schedule of works

  • Risk assessment and safety checklist

  • Test operation for safe escape

  • Minor repairs included

  • Adjust speeds of floor spring / transom closer / overhead closer if required

  • Separate quotation for defects or recommendations

  • Prioritise quotations on multiple door sites

Multi-level fire escape


Contact us for fire escape maintenance in London today. ENV Contractors Ltd carries out work for clients across the south east.

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